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Prince Albert

Our feet sprout roots every time we set foot in the Karoo. We’ve come home. Born in the country of TinTin, beer and chocolate, my wife and I moved, entirely voluntarily and eager for adventure, to South Africa in 1997. The connection with the soil, the sun and the people of this part of the world was instant. We feel alive here, connected with history, present and future. Since 2016 we call ourselves part-time Prince Albert locals.

Our decision to buy property in Prince Albert was unanimous – no mean feat for a family of three women and a middle-aged man. So far we had just been passing through, really. A stroll down Church Street, lamb at the hotel, old typewriters and radios at the museum, gazing at the night sky, Gay’s dairy, the ghost walk … we plunged right in, relentless tourists we are. But something stuck.

Slowly digging through a wave of first and second impressions of Prince Albert, I’m wondering now what it was that grabbed us by the collar and the feet and the heart? The food we have at the local restaurants is simply stunning, we want to eat there all the time. The people we meet are authentic, some real characters. The streets we walk early in the morning and late in the afternoon are steeped in history and folklore, accompanied by the soothing sound of lei water and lined by beautifully maintained houses and heartily designed gardens. People in Prince Albert love their houses and their gardens. The air is crisp with vast Karoo emptiness. People greet people in the street, even if they have never met before. Life is just life in Prince Albert, and that is just perfect.