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Jerome aims to make sophisticated lounge music, and he’s managed it really well … it’s very reminiscent of both Massive Attack and Air. The production is top notch. The thick pads give a really nice, relaxed, almost meditative quality to the [album], and this is only enhanced by the vocals. Jerome’s aim is to make the perfect soundtrack to a stylish dinner party; it’s fair to say that he’s really achieved this, and there’s no doubt that he’ll do really well. And of course, there’s the obvious target market of advertising soundtracks – this stuff is absolutely ideal for those purposes | © Future Music

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One modern SA composer in no hurry is Jerome Arthur. With home a small cottage in Franschhoek (self-proclaimed food and wine capital of SA) Arthur takes his inspiration from his environment, which explains why his tow latest releases are called Confessions in White and Confessions in Red. The titles of his instrumental melodies confirm a vinous connection: Vineyard Waltz, A Quiet Day At The Estate, Sundowners in Cape Town, Vin Blanc. The sound is distinctly New York-chill, (remember the haunting theme to the TV sitcom Taxi?) with some ethnic (French, Xhosa) spoken interventions. Music and wine are two cultural solutions to the problems of stress and Arthur’s music is perfect for “a long night of good food, good wine and good company | © Neil Pendock

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Some of the music would also be perfectly at home on a Cafe Del Mar compilation, though it has a feel of its own that’s a little more three-dimensional with a blend of ambient, orchestral and lower tempo house with a hint of reggae thrown in | © Jim Hislop

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Inspired by the “refreshing, seductive and frivolous” characteristics of white wine, Cape-based Belgian musician Jerome Arthur has come up with Confessions in White, a CD of deeply relaxing Euro-lounge music, with references to classical music and acid jazz. This is music to eat and drink to – restaurants take note | © Kim Hoepfl


You’ll find Cape-based Jerome Arthur’s Confessions in White way more rewarding than your average kitsch neo-lounge muzak. Ethereal trip-hop strip teases, retro coffee bar jazzy flows, enigmatic dub drifts and crafted classical sighs make ideal ear candy for a late night romantic rendez-vous, stylish dinner parties or lazy Sunday lunches. An unchallenging listen, but then hey, duvet day soundtracks seldom sound more stylish | © Miles Keylock

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It is proof of an artist maturing and becoming a master | © Beats, People and Music