Creating is discovering

I cook like I write like I make music. I open the fridge, chuck some ingredients that sort of seem to make sense together in a pan, and start cooking. Creating a canvas, really. Setting a scene. I have no idea where this is going. Sometimes, it’s a fragrance that sets me off in a particular direction. I have often started cooking Italian which ended somehow Asian on the plate. Sometimes it’s a colour combination. Sometimes it’s a particular taste that invites me to add another ingredient. But there is no plan. It’s just … going with the flow.

Aristotle said that artists don’t create. They discover.

Artistic creation is nothing more than discovering what’s already there. “He merely discovers the potential of the materials he is working with. Creation is realised potential.” The musician hears melodies and rhythm in the frequencies of sound. The painter sees beauty and symbolism in the expression of colours and shapes. The writer finds a story in the words that populate her head. It’s all there. The setting, the inspiration is what gets the artist going.